Ventilation Product Testing

Confidence in a products ability to perform can only come with time and independent laboratory testing to internationally recognised standards. Ventüer building ventilation products come with both.


Test Standards


All Ventüer products are independently performance tested and certified. Some of the international standards that apply to our systems include;

BS/EN:13030 – Classification Of Natural Ventilators

BS/EN:12101-3 – Smoke and Heat Control Systems

AS:1191-2002 – Acoustic Testing For Airborne Sound In Building Elements

DIN: 18032-3 – Safety Against Ball Throwing



Independent Testing


Below is a video showing one of the Ventüer ventilation louvres undergoing BS/EN:13030 testing at BSRIA in Bracknell, UK. This test is carried out by having water blown at the face of the louvre panel, simulating 75mm/hour rainfall with 13m/second wind. The chamber behind the louvre panel is fitted with a fan, drawing air inwards to simulate the action of an air intake of a mechanical ventilation plant. The intake flow is varied, from 0.0m3/s to 3.5m3/s, and readings are taken to establish what level of water ingress occurs at each intake rate.

Ventüer has tested its ventilation louvre systems to BS/EN:13030 for several years now. While other manufacturers sometimes use the American standard AMCA 500-L to test their louvres, we believe that the British standard is a much more accurate representation of field performance and results in more data for the mechanical consultants to base their decisions on.