Ventüer VL-70S

High Strength

The Ventüer VL-70S system is a versatile single-bank ventilation louvre with a strong blade profile ideal for visual screening.

Ventüer VL-70S single-bank ventilation louvre datasheet

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Product Details

Weather Protection

The Ventüer VL-70S louvre system provides a medium level of protection from wind driven rain. It is primarily designed to be a cost effective visual screening louvre ideal for use in car parking buildings and around mechanical plant.

Fixing Methods

The Ventüer VL-70S louvre system has a strong z-shaped blade profile, and can be clip-fixed to vertical support posts or set within a channel perimeter frame.


The Ventüer VL-70S can be fitted with a sealed solid backing panel to provide a water-tight rainscreen in areas where the louvres are "inactive", or not required for air flow. It can also be fitted with bird or insect mesh, and can be coupled with the Ventüer range of air control and fire dampers.