Ventüer VL-104D

Drainable Single Bank

The Ventüer VL-104D system is an effective drainable single-bank ventilation louvre that provides good protection from wind driven rain.

Ventüer VL-104D drainable single-bank ventilation louvre datasheet

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Product Details

Weather Protection

The Ventüer VL-104D single-bank ventilation louvre system is a drainable louvre that provides a medium level of weather protection, whilst simultaneously having a low pressure drop. Rated as Class C under BS/EN:13030 for air volumes up to 1.0 m3/second, it is ideal for sheltered locations or where a low level of water ingress is acceptable (such as drained plant room areas).

Fixing Methods

The VL-104D comes with a flanged perimeter frame, which can be fixed in to a wide range of primary support structures and cladding types, including profiled metal cladding, fibre cement sheet, window joinery systems and others.


The Ventüer VL-104D can be fitted with a sealed solid backing panel to provide a water-tight rainscreen in areas where the louvres are "inactive", or not required for air flow. It can also be fitted with bird or insect mesh, and can be coupled with the Ventüer range of air control and fire dampers.