Ventilation Louvres

Ventilation louvres: the first line of defence for any building ventilation system, allowing air in and out while protecting from wind driven rain.

Ventüer VL-3SD

Ultimate Weather Protection


The Ventüer VL-3SD system is a highly efficient three-stage ventilation louvre that provides ultimate protection from wind driven rain.


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Ventüer VL-2SD

High Weather Protection


The Ventüer VL-2SD two-stage louvre system provides a high level of weather protection for exposed locations.


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Ventüer VL-100S

Twin Weather Stop


The Ventüer VL-100S system is a twin weatherstop single-bank louvre with good weather protection and low pressure drop.


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Ventüer VL-104D

Drainable Single Bank


The Ventüer VL-104D system is an effective drainable single-bank ventilation louvre that provides good protection from wind driven rain.


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Ventüer VL-77EX

Maximum Air Flow


The Ventüer VL-77EX louvre is a single-bank system with very low pressure drop, designed specifically for exhaust-type ventilators.


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Ventüer VL-55S

Slimline Ventilation


The Ventüer VL-55S system is a slimline louvre ideal for small ventilation grilles or louvred doors.


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Ventüer VL-70S

High Strength


The Ventüer VL-70S system is a versatile single-bank ventilation louvre with a strong blade profile ideal for visual screening.


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Ventüer VL-50CM

Minimalistic Screening


The Ventüer VL-50CM is a fine bladed screening louvre with a concealed mullion support system.


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Ventüer VL-100CM

Low Cost


The Ventüer VL-100CM is a highly cost effective screening louvre system designed specifically for plant screens and visual barriers.

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