Ventüer SVV-Series

The Ventüer SVV-series straight vane turbine ventilators provide maximum extraction and are ideal for industrial and warehouse situations.



Turbine ventilators provide ventilation to the buildings they are fitted to by capitalising on two natural forces - convection currents inside the building and wind outside the building.

As the space within a building increases in temperature, the hot air rises towards the roof. Turbine ventilators set near the ridgeline of the roof allow this heated air to exit, being replaced with cooler air which enters through openings such as doors or louvres set in the walls of the building near the ground.

Wind passing over the roof acts on the vanes of turbine ventilators causes them to spin. This spinning motion creates an area of low pressure air both within the ventilator and to the side opposite the direction that the wind is coming from. These low pressure areas create a suction force which assists with drawing the air from within the building.

Ventüer turbine ventilators are constructed from high grade corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, and are fitted with sealed and self-lubricating NSK axial bearings. Their super light weight construction ensures high spin sensitivity, starting at only 0.12 metres per second.

It is important to note that turbine ventilators on their own do not constitute a complete ventilation system. If fresh air can not enter the building, the turbine ventilators will be unable to extract the hot stale air. Ensure that a suitable supply of make up air is provided by including ventilation louvres or similar in the building facade at low levels.