Natural Smoke Ventilation

Ventüer smoke ventilation systems are life-saving devices. They greatly increase an building occupants' chances of survival in the event of fire by keeping escape routes smoke-free.

Ventüer Smoke Exhaust Hatches

Ventüer smoke exhaust hatches are single and double-leaf smoke ventilators designed for fast smoke and heat clearance of stairwells, corridors and factory areas.

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Ventüer Automatic Smoke Curtains

Ventüer smoke curtains assist in the separation of smoke zones, containing smoke and stopping it spreading into evacuation routes such as passageways and staircases.

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Ventüer Louvred Roof Ventilators

Roof-mounted louvred ventilators save lives and protect property stored within a building by allowing smoke and hot gases to escape in the event of a fire.

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