Louvre Windows

Glazed louvre windows allows practically functional passive ventilators and smoke exhausts to be aesthetically beautiful.

Ventüer HAHN-S9iVA

Double or triple-glazed, thermally broken flush glazed louvre blades.


The Ventüer HAHN-S9iVA louvre window combines the outstanding features of the HAHN-S9iVT in regard to ventilation, weather tightness and thermal protection with a clear flush all-glass look to outside of units for seamless integration into the facade design.


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Ventüer HAHN-S9iVT

Double or triple-glazed, thermally broken aluminium framed glass louvre blades.


The Ventüer HAHN-S9iVT louvre window has a similar “framed” appearance to the HAHN-S9iV, but comes with the added performance advantages of thermally broken frames and optional triple-glazing.


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Ventüer HAHN-S9iV

Double-glazed, non-thermally broken aluminium framed glass louvre blades.


The Ventüer HAHN-S9iV louvre window provides excellent ventilation and average tightness at low cost wherever thermal values are not an issue. The blades have a framed appearance with slim aluminium profiles surrounding each louvre.


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Ventüer HAHN-S945

Single-glazed flush closing louvre blades with point-fixed pivots.


The Ventüer HAHN-S945 louvre window has an architecturally appealing design with 45° chamfered blades closing flush leading to a smooth glass surface. It has a maximum of 84° opening with no additional blade frames surrounding providing as much free ventilation area as possible.


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Ventüer HAHN-S9

Single-glazed overlapping louvre blades with slim side glass fixings.


The Ventüer HAHN-S9 louvre window was developed for optimized, controlled ventilation. It combines good tightness with attractive architectural effect when insulated glazing is not necessary.


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