Louvre Calculator

Need to calculate the size of your ventilation louvre panel relative to a give air flow and pressure drop? Or trying to ascertain pressure drop with a prescribed air flow and louvre size? Use the Ventüer louvre calculator here and explore the options available with different louvre profiles.

Calculator for Ventüer Ventilation Louvres
Select your louvre model
Select the direction of air flow (intake / exhaust)
What calculation do you want to perform?
Enter your specified width (mm)
Enter your specified height (mm)
Enter your specified pressure drop (Pa)
Enter your specified volumetric flow (m3/s)

The formulae used in this sheet are based on test results of a small sample (approx 1m x 1m). The frame and mullions encroach on this area. Different width to height dimensions can change the ratio of frame and mullions to effective area quite considerably even if the total m2 is the same. This calculation is intended to give a guide on correct opening sizes. If the % cell shows up red you should increase the narrow dimension of you opening until it turns green. If this is not possible please contact Ventüer to discuss options.