Waiparuru Hall Student Accommodation

Case Study: Waiparuru Hall

With a towering position and subjected to very high wind pressures, Waiparuru Hall Student Accommodation required an engineered solution that blended high performance with outstanding aesthetics.

Project: Waiparuru Hall Hub, Auckland

End User: The University of Auckland
Main Contractor: Dominion Constructors
Architect: Warren & Mahoney
Mechanical Consultant: Beca
Products Supplied: VL-100S




Project Details

The University of Auckland is famously ranked as one of the top 100 seats of higher learning in the world. For 786 students, their base as they learn will be the recently completed Waipārūrū Hall Student Accommodation. Designed by Warren & Mahoney, it’s large twin towers dominate the skyscape with a visual statement that belies the importance of the communal structure to young minds. Those towers, with their impressive views over Grafton Gully, are joined by a podium that creates a landscape where the occupants can live, learn and eat. A blend of studiousness and relaxation that are seemingly unique to Universities.

Given the building scale, multiple plant rooms are required to house the various pieces of equipment required to service the numerous rooms with their various functions. Engaged to provide the full design, engineering and producer statements for the ventilation louvres, we were particularly focused on the rooftop plant rooms. At 15 floors up, these plant rooms were exposed to very high wind pressures and required an extensive engineering solution to make sure the louvres used were more than structurally adequate. Indeed, wind tunnel testing determined the wind pressure to be up to 3.5 kPa.

For the louvre solution, we used VL-100S single bank twin weather stop ventilation louvres. They provide a low pressure loss, coupled with admirable weathering performance qualities that maintain a low level of water ingress. This makes them ideal for plant rooms. Used to provide passive ventilation and make up air for the plant rooms, plus areas of dedicated supply and exhaust where they were connected directly to the ductwork, there is also a significant visual appeal. With clean, continuous lines and no visible vertical breaks, they add to the architectural design and can become a feature in their own right. This was the case with the long runs of louvres near the building base, where a solid sealed blanking was fitted to the rear of the louvres when there were no ventilation requirements.

The final result is a highly pleasing visual and functional design that will serve to create a meaningful social hub for students for many years to come.


Ventüer shop drawings for this project




Ventüer products used on this project

VL-100S Twin Weatherstop Louvre


The Ventüer VL-100S louvre system is a single bank double weather stop ventilation louvre. It has good rain defence and medium pressure drop, making it an excellent choice where the same louvre type need to be used in both exhaust and intake situations. It comes with a flanged perimeter frame, and can be fitted with bird mesh, insect mesh or dust filters.