Breathe easyFor more than 10 years, high performing and fully certified Ventüer products have been ventilating New Zealand buildings. We're proud to have been trusted by the nations leading specifiers and contractors.

Clean fresh air, indoorsNo matter where you work or play, we believe ready access to fresh air is a right. Ventüer products are used to maintain air quality in a wide range of buildings, from hospitals to apartments and from schools to retail centres.

Certified and provenThe Ventüer products and systems have demonstrated their performance in both the laboratory and in the field. Independently certified and time tested, they benchmark the building ventilation industry.

Welcome to Ventüer

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our factory and warehouse are now closed to all but essential services business. However, our client support team are now working from home and remain here to support you through this time.

Our mission is to improve life quality, reduce environmental impact and lower construction costs through our innovative development and sustainable manufacture of building ventilation products.


And so far we’re doing not too bad. With over a decade of of installed product behind us, we can demonstrate the value that Ventüer products have brought to building projects throughout New Zealand. With a range that includes ventilation louvres, acoustic ventilation, louvre windows, natural smoke exhaust and fire protection products, we’re well equipped to help maintain the air quality in virtually any commercial building, from hospitals and apartments to schools and retail centres.

We believe in filtering everything we do, say, design or make through our five core values;


Leadership: We benchmark our industry, setting the standards that others strive for.

Innovation: We tackle life with creativity and resource, developing answers to unsolvable problems.

Responsibility: We stand by our products and our actions, ensuring that promised results are delivered in full.

Alacrity: We move quickly, exceeding client expectations and surpassing market demands.

Efficiency: We are structured and systematised, delivering value while avoiding waste.


Ventüer. High performing tested products. High performing trusted people.


Acoustic Louvres

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Custom Prefabrication

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Energy Recovery Ventilators

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Fire Protection

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Internal Grilles & Diffusers

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Louvre Windows

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Low-Flow External Grilles & Cowls

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Natural Smoke Ventilation

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Turbine Ventilators

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Ventilation Louvres

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Volume Control Dampers

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